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  • Preparation method of MoS2

    Natural methods: Molybdenum disulfide has excellent performance and broad application prospects, so a lot of researches have been done on the preparation and application of nano MoS2 at home and abroad. MoS2 can be prepared by the natural method, namely m

  • Application of nano-diamond in sterilization

    At present, the application fields of nano-diamonds are mainly distributed in aerospace manufacturing, precision machinery, optical instruments, automobile manufacturing and other industries. Specifically include: 1. The most ideal polish for an atomized

  •  Purple Tungsten Oxide as a negative electrode material for high output applications

    WO2.72 s purple finely divided crystalline powder, which is a purple tungsten oxide that can be used in negative electrode materials, which can help lithium-ion batteries achieve ultra-fast charging, and also build high-power density battery devices to ac

  • Usage of boron nitride

    Control nuclear fission Boron carbide can absorb a large amount of neutrons without forming any radioisotope, so it is an ideal neutron absorber in nuclear power plants, and neutron absorbers mainly control the rate of nuclear fission. Boron carbide is ma

  • The properties and application of ITO powder

    What is ITO powder? ITO is an n-type semiconductor with heavy-doped and high-degenerated,And having a series of optical,chemical and electrical performance.A chemical conprecipitation method using In and Tin chloride as initialization prepared ITO powder

  • The application of molybdenum

    What isMolybdenum? Molybdenum is a precious rare metal that is related to many high-tech fields. Exhibitions are also related to many economic sectors, such as the steel industry and the petrochemical industry. Sustainable development. Molybdenum is also

  • Application of nanometer tungsten disulfide in green lubricating oil

    What is tungsten disulfide? A compound of tungsten and sulfur, chemical formula WS2, molecular weight 247.97, in the state of black-gray powder, appears in nature as a tungstenite ore, a dark gray orthorhombic crystalline solid. The relative density is 7.

  • Properties, preparation and application of boron carbide materials

    What is boron carbide powder? Boron carbide was first discovered in 1858 [1] , then the UK Joly in 1883, Frances Moissan in 1894 B3C, B6C were prepared and identified. The stoichiometric formula is B4C Compounds were not recognized until 1934 [2] . Boron

  • Research progress in preparation technology of tungsten carbide cemented carbide

    Tungsten carbide cement has very high hardness and excellent wear resistance,which was widely used in drill bits,tools,molds,needles,knives and other wear-resistant and special processing industry. In this paper,the progress of the carbide was discussed i

  • Preparation and Application of Nanocrystalline Zinc Sulfide

    The preparation methods and principles of nanocrystalline zinc sulfide are introduced .Application status of nanocrystalline zinc sulfide in various fields are expounded in detail.This paper points out that the urgent solving problem in this field is to f