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  • Additive material for cement hydration-silica nanoparticle

    Based on nano silica with excellent physical and chemical properties ,the preparation methods were introduced at home and abroad in a few years. The paper summarized the nano silica on the effect of cement hydration from the microstructure of cement hydra

  • The core material of cemented carbide - tungsten powder

    What is the property of tungsten powder? It is a gray-black metal with a metallic luster (body-centered cubic crystal). The temperature of 3400 C. Boiling point 5555C. The hardness of tungsten is the hardest among metals. The hardness of the sintered tung

  • Excellent electrical properties material - zinc sulfide

    What is the crystal structure of zinc sulfide? The zinc sulfide crystal structure has two types of and . What is the performance of zinc sulfide? Zinc sulphide has a variety of excellent properties and is widely used in many fields. Zinc sulphide is a whi

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