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Additive material for cement hydration-silica nanoparticle

Based on nano silica with excellent physical and chemical properties ,the preparation methods were introduced at home and abroad in a few years. The paper summarized the nano silica on the effect of cement hydration from the microstructure of cement hydration,hydration heat,hardened cement paste structure and performance of three aspects. And further studies of application of nano silica on cement- based materials were predicted.

What is silica powder?

Silica is also known as silica and has the chemical formula SiO2. There are two kinds of crystalline silica and amorphous silica in nature.
The chemical properties are relatively stable. Does not react with water. It is an acidic oxide and does not react with ordinary acids.

What is the manufacture method of silica powder?

Nano-silica products produced from rice husks and mineral wastes have the characteristics of low cost and high purity, which are in line with energy saving and emission reduction.
Therefore, it has been widely developed in recent years.
Yan et al. [18] mixed rice husk ash and K2CO3 powder in a certain ratio, and prepared activated carbon through a series of chemical reactions.
After the activated carbon is obtained, nano silica particles having a particle diameter of 40 to 50 nm are obtained under the condition of introducing CO2. Azadeh et al. [19]
No. 7 Lu Yang et al: Preparation of nano-silica and its research progress on cement hydration 1337
Porous nano-silica aerogels were prepared from rice husk ash by sol-gel method under atmospheric pressure and characterized. From rice
A typical nanosilica aerogel prepared in shell ash has a bulk density as low as 0. 32 g / cm3 mesoporous solid material, porosity 85%, flat
The average pore size is 9. 8 nm, pore volume is 0. 78 cm3 / g, surface area 315 m2 / g. Ping et al. [20] on rice husk ash after acid precipitation
Three-stage heating was carried out to obtain an average pore size of 5. 8 nm amorphous nano-silica. Jiang Yanpeng [21] and so on using chrysotile tailings activation
The nano-SiO2 particles prepared by the product have a regular spherical shape with a particle size of about 50 nm, uniform distribution, and a mass fraction of 99%, which is amorphous dioxane.
Silicon is converted, and the conversion rate of nano-SiO2 is over 77%. 

In recent years, the preparation method of nano silica has been continuously improved. High purity and good dispersibility by using rice husk ash and mineral waste
Nano-silica should be a hot spot for future research. At the same time, we should deeply study the effect of nano-silica on cement hydration, and combine nano-two
The effect of silicon oxide on hydration, the preparation of nano-silica which can improve the performance of cement-based materials, thereby improving the strength of cement-based materials
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Nano silica powder