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Excellent electrical properties material - zinc sulfide

What is the crystal structure of zinc sulfide?
The zinc sulfide crystal structure has two types of α and β.
What is the performance of zinc sulfide?
Zinc sulphide has a variety of excellent properties and is widely used in many fields.
Zinc sulphide is a white powdery solid which is an important pigment in paint due to its white opacity and insoluble in water, organic solvents, weak acids and weak bases.
Do not dissolve in water, soluble in acid. See the darkening of the sun. Converted to zinc sulfate in a long time in humid air. Generally obtained by the action of hydrogen sulfide and zinc salt solution. If a small amount of Cu, Mn, or Ag is added to the crystal ZnS as an activator, after exposure to light, different colors of fluorescence can be emitted. Used as analytical reagents, coatings, paints, white and opaque glass, filled with rubber, plastic, and used to prepare phosphors. It is prepared by co-heating sulfur and zinc.
What is the application of zinc sulfide?
As an important two, six compound semiconductor, zinc sulfide nanomaterials have attracted great attention not only because of its excellent physical properties, such as wide band gap, high refractive index, high transmittance in the visible range, and Its enormous potential applies to optical, electronic and optoelectronic devices. Zinc sulfide has excellent fluorescence and electroluminescence functions. Nano-zinc sulfide has a unique photoelectric effect and exhibits many excellent properties in the fields of electricity, magnetism, optics, mechanics and catalysis. Therefore, research on nano-zinc sulfide has caused More people pay more attention, especially in 1994, Bhargava reported that surface passivated nano-ZnS:Mn phosphors not only have an external quantum efficiency of up to 18% at high temperatures, but their fluorescence lifetime is shortened by five orders of magnitude, and luminescence The performance has changed a lot, and the application of ZnS in materials has opened up a new way. It can be used to make white pigments and glass, luminescent powder, rubber, plastic, luminescent paint, etc.
Zinc sulfide powder