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Polyvinyl Acetate Ethylene VAE Copolymer Latex Powder

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Affected by the increase in the price of natural gas, the price of the VAE Copolymer Latex Powder will also increase.

Description of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder

VAE copolymer latex powder products are water-soluble redispersible powders, such as ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymers, vinyl acetate/ethylene tertiary carbonate copolymers, acrylic acid copolymers, etc., with polyvinyl alcohol as a protective colloid. Because redispersible latex powders have high bonding ability and unique properties, such as: water resistance, construction and heat insulation, etc., their application range is extremely wide.

VAE copolymer latex powder has very outstanding bonding strength, improves the flexibility of the mortar and has a longer open time, imparts excellent alkali resistance to the mortar, and improves the adhesion/adhesiveness, flexural strength, water resistance, plasticity, and resistance of the mortar. In addition to abrasion performance and workability, it has stronger flexibility in the flexible anti-cracking mortar.

The role of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder in wet mortar:

Improve construction performance; improve flow performance; increase thixotropy and sag resistance; improve cohesion; extend open time; enhance water retention.

The effect of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder after the mortar is cured

Increase tensile strength; increase bending strength; reduce elastic modulus; improve deformability; increase material compactness; increase wear resistance; increase cohesive strength; reduce carbonization depth; reduce material water absorption; make materials have extreme excellent water-increasing (adding water-increasing rubber powder).

Parameters of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder




White powder, free flowing

Solid contentwt%




Bulk densityg/L


Particle size




Minimum film forming temperature



Packaging and storage of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder

It should be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended period of use is six months. Please use it as early as possible when used in summer. If stored in a hot and humid place, it will increase the chance of agglomeration. Please use it once as much as possible after opening the bag. Finished, otherwise you need to seal the bag to avoid absorbing moisture from the air. International standard paper-plastic compound square bottom valve bag, 20-25kg/bag.

Appearance:White powder, free flowing
Solid content(wt%):≥98.0
Bulk density(g/L):300-500

At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on March 31, a media question was raised: The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the shutdown of production in many parts of China. What impact will it have on China's foreign trade enterprises as a whole and micro, small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises?

In this regard, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Commerce said that the Ministry is closely following the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade enterprises, especially small, medium and micro foreign trade enterprises. As far as we can see, some foreign trade enterprises are affected by the epidemic and are faced with periodic problems in production and operation, logistics and transportation. At the same time, problems such as rising raw material costs, slow cross-border shipping and supply chain bottlenecks have yet to be fundamentally alleviated, and foreign trade enterprises, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular, still face considerable operating pressure. The price of VAE Copolymer Latex Powder operated by foreign trade enterprises will also fluctuate with the changes of the epidemic. Contact us for the latest quotation on VAE Copolymer Latex Powder.

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